Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

The following information is legally undertaken by customers and users of allmedgeneric.com and his pharmacists.

These terms and conditions are very important and must be accepted before a purchase can go ahead. They are aimed at ensuring our customers and patients know their responsibilities regarding use of tablets, medicines and treatments available from this site.

Before an order can be placed on this site, a box must be ticked to indicate that these terms & conditions are accepted.


Customer identity confirmation and requests of ID

In order to provide patients with prescriptions which are not issued face to face, we need to ensure that patients are over the age of 18 and reside at the address they give. We do this by checking the card details they provide against the address the card is registered at. This method also helps protect us against exposure to fraud.

If there are discrepancies with the details you provide, we will ask you for copies of ID documents. This can be scanned and uploaded on this website. This procedure is performed without discrimination and is non-negotiable. We understand that on occasion our customers may wish not to provide ID. Should you not wish to provide ID it is your responsibility to inform us so that we can give you a full refund.

1. The request of ID is not unusual for cardholder not present transactions for mail order and internet sales.

2. We may ask you for ID for one of the following reasons but will not inform you which one for reasons of fraud prevention.

3. The billing address you entered does not match the card details you provided.

4. The billing address matches, the delivery address is different and the value of the transaction is of significant value.

5. Your card issuer does not support address verification.

6. The overall value of the transaction is of significant value.

7. Your IP address is on our payment providers high risk list.

8. You have made chargebacks against allmedgeneric.com before.

9. You have placed multiple orders in a short space of time.


Your information

It is your responsibility to ensure that the information you provide is completely accurate. allmedgeneric.com will not accept responsibility for orders which go missing as a result of incorrect address information.



It is your responsibility to ensure that you are able to receive emails from Allmedgeneric.com regarding your order. Please ensure that you check any spam folder that you may have, as our confirmation emails sometimes arrive there by mistake.

The majority of problems which occur are because communication from allmedgeneric.com has not reached the customer.


Undelivered Orders

Before contacting allmedgeneric.com about an order which has not been delivered, please check your email and spam box to ensure we have been able to charge your card. If your card could not be authorised, you should have an email advising you of this. Many customers simply ignore the transaction declined e-mails our system generates if your card cannot be authorized.

If we have successfully charged your card, please allow the standard delivery times quoted for your country and location. These can be found on our website at http://allmedgeneric.com/delivery.html. As advised on this page, delivery times may be slightly longer around Religious and Public holidays.

If after this time your order has gone missing, we will classify it as being lost. After a brief investigation and a check of your address, we will then issue a replacement to you. Please note: We send packages out requiring signature and can track this information when necessary.

Important note: allmedgeneric.com will not foot the cost of resending orders which were not delivered to you because of personal holidays or no one was available to sign for it. allmedgeneric.com reserve the right to charge $11.99 to re-deliver any such order. This charge covers our postage and packing and is not profit bearing.


Damaged & Incomplete Orders

If your order has arrived but certain items are missing, please inform us immediately by completing the form at http://allmedgeneric.com/contactus.html. After a brief investigation we will promptly dispatch any remaining items to you at no charge to yourself.

If the contents of your package have arrived but are damaged, please complete the form at http://allmedgeneric.com/contactus.html explaining the contents and damage. We reserve the right to request a digital photograph to support the claim before we can issue a replacement. You can of course return the damaged goods, which we will replace promptly as well as refunding your shipping.

Please note: If you simply throw the damaged order away, you will be liable for the full cost. Should you request a refund you must return the damaged order to us.


Unwanted Orders / Moneyback Guarantee

Allmedgeneric.com is happy to offer a full moneyback guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with your order and wish to use this guarantee, you must meet the following criteria:

1. You must not have taken more than 1 tablet from your order. If you have taken more than one tablet, you may not return your order for a refund.

2. You must return your unwanted order within 7 days of receipt.

3. You must pay the cost of returning your order

4. Upon receipt of your returned order, we will issue a refund.


Payment Collections & Chargebacks

Customers and patients using and purchasing from allmedgeneric.com authorise allmedgeneric.com & its payment service provider to charge the value of the transaction to the card which they have provided details of.

It is your responsibility as a customer or patient of allmedgeneric.com to ensure you remember what your card statement will read to avoid any confusion over our charge showing on your statement. allmedgeneric.com makes every effort to remind you of this by printing it on the packing slip, confirmation page and all emails that we send you.

Please note: Customers and patients of allmedgeneric.com accept that if they request to their card issuer to chargeback the transaction with allmedgeneric.com, they will be liable to pay a $30 administration fee which covers the cost of the chargeback passed on to allmedgeneric.com from its payment service provider

Allmedgeneric.com have arrangements with debt collection agencies through our payment service provider and pro-actively pursue all chargebacks regardless of value. Allmedgeneric.com routinely enters offending customers in Money Claims Online for UK cases and reserves the right to take appropriate action which may include contacting the police in other countries.

If you have reason to believe that you have a fully legitimate reason to issue a chargeback against allmedgeneric.com and you receive our legal letters, it is your responsibility to inform us promptly. Should you fail to do this, action will not be stopped.

Please note: Most chargebacks are due to absent mindedness and can be avoided. Please ensure you make a note of what your card statement will read, or simply retain the packing slip.


Website Usage

Much of the text information found on this website can be easily found in numerous resources on the internet. The following copyright notices apply to the organisation, structure and arrangement of this information.

The following terms are due to the use of this website and are undertaken by any user or customer of this website:

1. All images on this website contain an internet watermark which can be identified upon examination by software product. Users of this website completely indemnify allmedgeneric.com, INDIA from responsibility of any event that occurs directly or indirectly from use of this website or from events caused by use of this website. Site users accept that they are personally responsible for any damage caused by trojans, viruses or worms caused by use of this website or in communication to or from this website.

2. Users of this website are accepting that the IP address of their computer will be recorded by the server of this website and their activity on this website will be recorded and maybe used to compile usage statistics.

3. Users of this website accept that if they deliberately commit malicious acts towards this website, their IP address will be recorded, passed to the relevant authorities and blacklisted from allmedgeneric.com.


Medical related Terms & Conditions

Medicine specific terms and conditions and general legal conditions.

Allmedgeneric.com may at times be referred to in these terms as ‘this website’.

1. Customers placing an order on allmedgeneric.com are authorising Dr Govind Kumar to issue a prescription for them based on the information they enter during the ordering process. Customers are also authorising the pharmacists of allmedgeneric.com to provide the appropriate medicine according to the prescription to be dispatched to them.

2. When a customer places an order they are confirming that they have discussed their condition with their GP prior to placing an order. They are also confirming that they are in a fit physical state to use such medicine treatments and that they are not simultaneously using other medicines which may have adverse effects or contra-indications if used with medicines purchased on allmedgeneric.com these may include but are not limited to all forms of Nitrate medication including:

1. The customer takes full responsibility for any effects, benefits, side effects or grievance occurring as a result of using medicines purchased from Allmedgeneric.com.

2. Customers placing an order are confirming that they are over 18 years of age.

3. Customers placing an order are confirming the products they purchase are for themselves.

4. Customers placing an order are taking full legal responsibility for importing the products and medicines they purchase on this site into their country of residence or the country they specify on the delivery address.

5. Customers placing an order on this website are accepting that if the card they use is stolen or being used fraudulently, all their details including phone numbers, e-mails and delivery addresses will be passed directly to any official investigating authority including police forces, governments and other relevant investigation authorities. Allmedgeneric.com will never protect fraudsters trying to hide behind the protection of data protection legislation.